Vision without action is just a dream, and action without vision is simply a wasted effort. Hence, it requires both to convert dreams into reality.As an entrepreneur as well as a parent, I had the privilege of working closely on building this institution that is unique and stands apart from the crowd of run-of-the-mill institutions.The word ‘GYANDA’ carries a deep meaning and is a process of ‘Dosha apnayan’ (Removal of Dosh or Weakness), ‘Gunadhan’ ( Guna or high qualities development) and ‘Henag purti'( Creation or addition of what/which is missing or not present). GYANDA means Knowledgeable. We believe in ‘WE MAKE THINGS HAPPEN’.

Thus this word is suitable to depict the philosophy of a good school as schools are meant to do just these.GYANDA Academy is a school with a difference. It is a movement in integral education, where a child’s body, mind and soul are catered to for development to the fullest potential. The Academy’s policies are child centric. The Academy feels that every person should be ‘smart’ later but ‘good first’. The trinity of the learning process i.e. the child, the educators & the parents are kept interactive and made to feel passionately towards learning.

I also maintain that school days are the best days in a person’s life and thus carry special weightage. It’s duty of all in the management council and educators to fill the days of all students with joy, purposeful learning, love for the country and country men, care for the weak and down trodden, values of our culture, decency and civic sense, discipline and grace in all affairs and wisdom that leads to ultimate freedom.I shall on my part leave no stone unturned in providing world class infrastructure to the Academy and best possible academic and co-scholastic guidance and support at all times.

May the spirit and vision of GYANDA Academy flow through us and make us better human beings and global citizens.

GYANDA Academy