GYANDA is active in community level participation. The Academy is involved in various charitable activities and we have formed various clubs with the help of our parents and educators.

We also have our Interact Club in GYANDA.
Interact Club of GYANDA Academy is a nation wide recognized club, for its Excellence, Activeness and Creativity.
Inte,ract Club of GYANDA Academy was established on 10th July, 2015 with the concept of Education Beyond Classroom. Here at GYANDA Academy we strongly believe that education today should not be limited only to the books but the real education comes when you go out and explore the world. Interact helps children learn more than their books, explore more than their classroom and do more than their capabilities.

In the last 5 years the club has performed numerous community based projects such as: Cleanliness Camps, Distribution of Warm Clothes to the Needy People In Winter, Distribution of Sweets to the Poor Families during Festivals, Tree Plantation and much more.

Infact this year we brought home the “INTERNATIONAL CITATION AWARD”.

Our vision of building good Personalities is something that Interact takes over to a whole new level. Here, we make “FUTURE LEADERS”.

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