Saano Prayas

Education is the passport to the future, belongs to those who prepare for it today.

It’s a well-known fact that Education is the pillar for development of a nation. We all want to see our kids succeeding, establishing new goals in life and for that we ensure good and proper schooling for them.  What about the underprivileged ones. Do they  have no rights to think high? Will a country or its kids develop, if all the kids are not getting good and proper education?

Definitely not….

GYANDA Academy understands the importance of education for all. So, with a pious aim to provide a better life to those penurious kids, it has started a joint venture called SAANO PRAYAAS with Rotary club of Birgunj on 25th November 2017. GYANDA Academy provides its premises to SAANO PRAYAAS in evening hours where those kids learn new things like Yoga, Maths, English, Nepali etc and play various games and give a new look to their life. Beside these, stationeries for education and a better life are also provided to them time to time to minimize the obstacles in their path.

SAANO PRAYAAS is not just an effort but a vision of GYANDA Academy to serve humanity. It will definitely help our Nepal to touch new heights.

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