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GYANDA Academy library is a centre for literacy, a place that fosters and celebrates the love of reading, and acts as a learning and social hub for the whole academy community.

The library’s extensive collection includes print books and eBooks in English, Hindi and Nepali languages. These books can be borrowed by the entire GYANDA community, including Students, Teachers and Administrative Staff. Our librarian is always happy to help readers find what they need and plans various activities through library for creating readability among students.

Our basic philosophy is to provide right information to the right reader at the right time at an optimum cost.
For more information about our collection, please explore this website or, even better, visit us.

All students are members of the library.

No book or magazine is to be marked, soiled or damaged.

Reference books or magazines are not issued.

Proper decorum and silence is to be maintained in the library.

Members are allowed to borrow a book at a time for the period of days only. They can renew the same book twice after the expiry date. If a book is not returned on the expiry date, a fine will be levied as per Academy rules.

In case of loss or damage to the book, the borrower will have to pay double price of the book. The librarian may call for return of a book at any time even before the expiry of loan period.

Members shall carefully examine the books as soon as they are issued to them and any mark, soilage, damage etc. or loss of the pages are to be reported to the librarian. Failing in this, they will be held responsible for such things.

All books must be returned by the end of March every year.

Eatables, drink, personal books or gadgets are strictly prohibited in the library.

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